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Cherished Roadsters are a classic bundle of fun!

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Cherished Roadsters‏ @CherishsCars  - The first hire of 2018!


Our  near 40 year old #MGB went out on its1st hire of 2018: It was Jacob's Christmas gift voucher. A day out in MGB Roadster on 2nd of January as Jacob had to returned to Australia on 5th.

It was a wet and windy day and Jacob covered 110 miles through the #Southdowns the car did not miss a beat. Jacob said - "fantastic car handles well" - "every one admired it"


Cherished Roadsters MGB GT went to Goodwood


Our MGB-GT# has been to Goodwood already this week (5thSeptember) Iain and Fiona went to Goodwood Races and made a day of it with our very own Black Beauty.


Here is what Ian said:

"Thanks Peter for the swift return of the deposit, really enjoyed the day and the MGB GT, a great little car to drive"


Jack and Philippa celebrated their wedding anniversary with a day out in the MGB. Their first drive in a Classic MG Roadster.

Went out with the hood down and returned after over 130 miles with the hood down. 

Jack preferred the MGB to his BMW Series 3 – the  B being considered a very responsive motor: it drove well.




Charles & Frances celebrated  50th wedding anniversary with a touch of nostalgia – they owned an MGA so went out in Classic MG & revisited Bosham - where thier marriage began - a touch of nostalgia!

MGB GT out on 40th Birthday weekend 10/11 Decmber 2016

– The Classic car was 10 years Dale's senior!


Here is Dale's comments

"Many thanks for the car, it made my birthday even more of an event and I loved the experience of driving such a classic for the weekend.

All the best"



Shame about the weather Saturday - here is Dale setting out




5th  November a date to remember

- Sean and Kate's Classic Weekend Break in the MG Midget - Hood down heater on; what a great drive they said: the little red car went well.



Sean was out in the early morning autumn sun Sunday before returning the MG  as below. They said the food and accommodation at the Flying Bull was first class 


40 year old Classic MGB - 40th Birthday Celebration  


Dominic celebrated his 40th birthday with weekend away in Cherished Roadstsers near 40 year old classic MGB: Linda’s special present.

You can give MGB Classic holiday break vouchers - click here 


Porsche Musical?

What a fantastic choice: benhobbsmusic chose our Porsche 944 to feature in Ben Hobbs latest EP 'Sweet Enough' - some stunning screen shots of the of this great 30 year old sporting coupé.




The Music is good as well – watch/listen below:

click link below


Early February - The Porsche went to a Dinner Party in Weybridge

Returned home in heavy rain. The Porsche was very predictable: with its big wheels the 944 tramped thro standing water - Porsche have got it right including aerodynamics - the spray went over the car as it shrugged off the rain. Had a brilliant drive home.

Peter B

- here it is next day having had a quick waterless clean/wax.

Edward and Gabriella’s Wedding

It was February – it rained and the wind blew but the MGB GT went out - took the Bride to the church.

Black Beauty (the MGB) then tramped its way around the South Downs to Farbridge, West Dean for the reception – the heavily waxed paintwork shook off the rain; amazingly the ribbons stayed put until it came back the next day.

Ed's comments when he returned the B GT " what a fantastic old car"

Dennis and Helen took Midge for a spin in October: 

They had a wonderful time - here's what Helen said

Dear Peter

Thank you so much for offering such great days out! We had an awesome time in the Midget driving just about exactly 100miles around the coutryside.  We went far and wide without realising how far we went, she goes like a dream.  

There are so many beautiful villages I lost count, West Meon, Bishop's Waltham, Hambledon, Catherington, Finchdean, Compton, South Harting (lime & soda's at the White Hart - what a lovely pub!), Midhurst, Haslemere, Hindhead (Devil's Punchbowl for an amble), Liphook, Petersfied for petrol and back to you. 

It was fun getting waves and appreciative looks and waves from others and being able to pretend she was ours.

I've posted a photo on your facebook page and attached some others here (email).  They're not too great but you have two very happy customers.  we're very happy for you to use these (and the one you took as we left) on the website  

John's birthday - a day out in the MG Midget

Scarlett booked a day’s hire of the MG Midget plus a short stay in the local hostelry for John’s Birthday. Off they went hood down; the weather was sunny. They got lost in South Downs in this wee red classic sports car – “all part of the fun - great views - Midget a great car - fantastic on the open road and a pleasure to drive. First class food at the Flying Bull.

Nicole was ecstatic about Black Beauty (MGB GT)


Nicole 40th: two days in the South downs with Black Beauty with a stopover in a hotel: she was ecstatic – the car never missed a beat and turned many a head – that lovely real wooden steering wheel – even the shower of rain was a delight - she could try the quirky wipers!

When parked up at the hotel this old lady (MGB GT) stole the show - from an Aston Martin!


Andrew prefered the MGB to his Porsche Carrera S4 - more fun!

Andrew swopped his Porsche Carrera for our MGB.

He went for a spin in the MGB through the South Downs and Surrey Hills (over 100miles):

“a great car, performed well and drove beautifully - much more fun than the S4!"

- "we will be back"

Pippa's Birthday Surprise - here is Edmund's comments

"The MG Midget hire was a surprise treat for my wife's 50th. We decided to drive in convoy with each of our 3 kids having a go as passenger - their first time in an open top and so all very exciting! 

It is a real driving experience on great roads and classic rolling British countryside as a backdrop.

We made various pit stops during the afternoon with a great picnic and ice creams during the afternoon.

It turned out to be a very special day and we were sad to give the Midget back at the end of the day!"

Where else can you hire a Red MG Midget in such good condition in the Southern Counties? (C R)

Jim B hired the Rare MGB GT from Cherished Roadsters

- here is what he had to say.... 

Hi Peter,
Here's a photo from today(25/5/2015). 

Just to say......The car was perfect and made for a great day out in the country.  The MGB GT actually exceeded our expectations.
It was easy to drive and felt very safe and stable, but was really full of character and attracted a lot of attention wherever we went.  We'll be back for more!
Kind regards,

Ann R (70+) - out all day in MG Midget with the hood down (14/3/2015)

She had her Wooly coat/heater on - very cosy

Ann is one of our most senior MG Midget warriors.

She was out all day enjoying the South Downs; when she returned Ann said “Simply Delightful” – we’ll be back.

Thanks Ann




The MGB Roadster scored another great hit at Bryony and Nick's wedding - the MGB was the most favoured wedding car for 2014.

Here is Nick the Groom arriving at the Church.

"The MGB was in great demand and much enjoyed - a central feature of the event, particually for photographs".

Right: Do we have some budding young MG enthusiast?

Cherished Roadsters stunning vermillion MGB scored a big hit at Lisa and James’ wedding – this is what Lisa said.

"Hi Peter - We absolutely LOVED it; the MGB was definitely one of the highlights... We’ll send through some pictures once we get them."


Had a fantastic couple of days in the Midget, hood down in October but still a real blast. Generated quite a few appreciative comments and a real head turner all around town and on the open road; timeless looks fit for the Gentleman of any age.

Amazing sound from a modest engine, really felt like a pocket sized Ferrari and will be back for its big brother the MGB next time! Professional service from the knowledgeable and friendly Peter Barton, a pleasure doing business. Thoroughly recommended.

Tristan B

Midge went to Emma and Nigel’s wedding – this is what Emma said -

"The car was utterly brilliant!!   I've attached some photos of the MG at the wedding - it was perfect - we also had my brother's classic mini so they were a good match!”

[Photography by Sophie Duckworth]


"Had the most perfect day out in the MGB on my wife and I’s 10th Wedding anniversary. The car is in superb condition and quite simply the best “B” we’ve driven.

Thank you again for your fantastic, friendly service and look forward to renting from you again!

Best regards,"

Paul and Louise S

"I thoroughly enjoyed the drive in the MG, it was a very refreshing experience.

The character of the classic car just added so much more to the experience.

Thank you"


"The experience of having a ride in the MG midget was exhilarating fun and exciting, it is well worth the money.

You will have a truly unforgettable day."


"Thank you so much for the drive in the Midget, we had great fun and putting through it's paces around the South Downs.  

We'll definitely come again and try the MG or the Porsche!"