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Hire Classic Sporting Coupés in Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey

Hire and drive classic sports Coupés in Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey

Enjoy driving through some of the most unspoiled countryside, coastline and stunning landscapes in the heart of Southern England: Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey - quintessentially the South Downs National Park. We are within easy reach of London both by road and train.  Drive a Classic MG or Porsche Coupé -take a hamper and enjoy a picnic.

Rent our Rare Classic MGB GT

Our historical MGB GT Auto is a rare classic MG sports car – very few automatic MGB GTs were made.

With its 1798 cc engine with twin SU carburettors - it performs well. The factory fitted automatic Borg-Warner gearbox is excellent - with positive "kickdown" its nearly always in the right gear - add optional Servo braking and wow this MGB GT is a stimulating sports car to drive.

With the original black leather upholstery with cream piping and a retro-classic radio this historic MGB GT provides the ultimate in motoring nostalgia.  Listen to swinging sixties pop in this 1960’s historical MGB coupé as you drive - recordings provided.

A very honest and original example of this great British classic MG sports car; a very guttural coupé - the ideal car for open road touring

Hire our Porsche Coupé

With its original bodywork/wheel-arch style, the Porsche 944 coupé is a real poser!

A unique Porsche in having an all-alloy 2.5-litre straight-4 engine with two counter-rotating balance shafts makes the engine feel as smooth as a six-cylinder! With its automatic gearbox it is an easy to drive sporting coupé.

The Porsche 944 is a well balanced car - the handling and stopping power is amongst the best - a very easy and comfortable sports car to drive.

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All cars now with refundable safekeeping deposit of £250.00free collision waiver package. Cover available for drivers 24 years old and above.