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Hire MGB Roadster - the Best 'B' driven

The MGB Roadster: a refined guttural sports car.

The ideal MG convertible for open country touring.











"One of the best 'Bs' driven"  


Drive an original classic MGB: our MG was owned by committed MGB enthusiasts for well over a decade. It has been maintained to a very high standard using genuine MG/heritage parts - no wonder our customers enthuse: “it’s the best MGB we have driven” - come and try it


Good performance and handling


For its age our MGB delivers exceptional performance and handling. It has a 1798 cc engine with twin SU carburettors, a four speed gearbox and overdrive - essentially 6 gears. With factory fitted power assisted braking it is a great car to drive - our MGB convertible is a refined guttural roadster.


Feel privileged

Our vermillion MGB roadster has charisma and really turns heads - every one waves at you!

Cherished Roadsters MGB is a refined  throaty sounding MG roadster in near original condition; it has all the classic “virtues” of its class - a privilege and pleasure to drive.


Most favoured Wedding car


Wow – does our MGB photograph well – you will look great in our MGB - you will stand out from the crowd in our vermillion MGB - it really creates presence and attracts lots of attention.


Look what Lisa and James said -

"We absolutely LOVED it; the MGB was definitely one of the highlights.... We’ll send through some pictures once we get them through"

<< Here's one - more on our wedding car page

With power assisted braking - our MGB is a refined guttural roadster - the ideal car for open road touring.

Rates:     Week day | Sat/Sun:      £160 | £170/ £180 - 10% discounts for longer periods

Contact Cherished Roadsters  on 01730 239833 or send an e-mail 

All cars now with safe keeping refundable deposit of £250.00 and includes our collision waiver package. Cover available for drivers 24 years old and above.

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