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Hire Stunning 30 year old Porsche Coupé: An “unmolested” near original condition car

Rare Porsche 944* - an appealing uncompromising sporting coupé.

With its styled bodywork our Porsche is a real poser and comfortable to drive! The Porsche 944 is typically Porsche with its excellent road-holding and stopping power. With its factory fitted automatic gearbox our Porsche coupé is an easy to drive sporting coupé.

Uniquely the Porsche 944 has almost even front to rear weight distribution. This due to the rear transaxle gearbox balancing out the front mounted engine. This provides for a predictable safe handling characteristics.

*Only 157 Porsche 944 Autos registerd in 2015!

A Unique Porsche

The Porsche 944 is unique, it has an all-alloy 2.5-litre straight-4 water cooled engine with two counter- rotating balance shafts; this makes the four-cylinder engine feel as smooth as a six-cylinder! 

Other four-cylinder sports car engines can, by comparison, feel and sound “harsh. Our “porky” certainly sounds sweet.


For its age the Porsche 944 is a well specified car and drives well.

Rates:            Week day | Sat/Sun:        £220 | £230 | £250 - discounts for longer periods

Contact Cherished Roadsters  on  01730 239833 or send an e-mail 

All cars now with safe keeping refundable deposit of £250.00 (Porsche £500.00) and includes our collision waiver package. Cover available for drivers 24 years old and above.

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