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Historic/Classic cars for film television/photographic work

Outstanding examples of classic cars in near original condition in keeping with their construction era - this is achieve through the use of heritage replacement body parts/trim keeping the cars original characteristics.

Our cars can be delivered with or without accompaniment as required and as agreed - we also provide support with driving and preparation.

Our Cars:

An Historic and Rare MGB GT - A rare automatic car with over 50 years heritage.


This stunning black and chrome car is a registered historic car and would grace any photographic and video shoots including advertising, promotional work and weddings.

With its original chrome bumpers and wire wheels, our 1968 black MGB GT Auto is a true classic. The original black with cream piping upholstery combined with the retro-classic radio/CD player playing through the factory fitted walnut surround stereo speakers  provides the ultimate in motoring nostalgia for the 60s and 70s.

Our MGB GT Auto has its original 1798 cc engine fitted with twin SU carburettors; for its age it still delivers exceptional performance.

An honest and original working example of a great British classic sports car: - a refined guttural coupe that is a privilege to drive.

Our MG Midget a small idiosyncratic Classic British Sports Car.

Our 40 year old MG Midget has its original 1493cc engine with twin SU carburettors and four speed gearbox. The standard Rostyle wheels with chrome trim are set off the by the stunning red paintwork – a typical 1970’s classic beauty.

Our MG Midget provides for entertaining drive - with the hood down it provides an ideal back drop for action shots.

Our little Red Midget with its chrome wheel trims is an attractive photogenic classic car that would stand out in many media productions


MGB Roadster: a refined open top car – the best drivers’ car in our MG fleet.

With nearly 20 years production heritage, our red MGB roadster was among the last models to be produced in

Our near 40 year old MGB is fitted with it's original black leather seats with red piping. It is a refined roadster in near original condition. A privilege and pleasure to drive, one can enjoy all its classic “virtues”

Our MGB still delivers exceptional performance and handling for its age. It has a 1798 cc engine is fitted with twin SU carburettors, four speed gearbox and overdrive – it essentially has 6 gears. 

A nostalgic but refined guttural roadster that will  turn many a head as it passes and attracts the crowds in the car park.

In near original condition: Our Porsche 944 is a real poser! 

With over 25 years production heritage, the styled bodyworkand with wide wheel arches is uncompromising. The 944 is an impressive and appealing sports coupe in a class of its own. Our Porsche is essentially in original livery both internally and externally and is very  photogenic.

For its age, over 30 years old, the Porsche 944 is a well specified car.

The 944 is renowned for being a very well balanced car with predictable and safe handling characteristics


The iconic MGF Roadster from Cherished Roadsters - a classic example of the “modern” MG Roadster

Cherished Roadsters MGF is a classic example of the iconic “modern” British MG sports car that followed on from the MGB. Essentially it is in original livery both internally and externally and would bid well in many TV, film and photographic shoots.

The MGF is the ideal choice for those who require an open top MG Roadster with modern gizmos including power-steering, ABS, electric windows etc; the hood is simplicity in itself and a delight to operate.

The MGF was the first all-new MG Roadster since the production of MG-MGB ended in 1980; our MGF was among the first cars deliverd when the model was launched in the autumn of 1995.


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Hire classic cars for film and TV

Hire classic cars for film, television productions from Cherished Roadsters.

Hire classic cars for film, television productions, photographic and video shoots and promotional work.