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Our Cherished Roadsters

MG MGB Roadster

Our red MGB was among the last models to be produced in 1980 it is near original condition and reported as the "best MGB driven" 

It has a 1798 cc engine is fitted with twin SU carburettors, a four speed gearbox and overdrive - essentially 6 gears.  For its day, the MGB delivers exceptional performance and handling.


Our MG is a classic example of this iconic sports car.

The ideal choice for those who prefer a Cherished Roadster with modern gizmos including power-steering, ABS, electric windows etc; the hood is simplicity in itself and a delight to operate.

The MG F is a mid-engine, rear wheel drive roadster and was top of the affordable sports car charts in Britain and remained there until the introduction of the MG TF in 2002.

Porsche 944

Our 1986 Porsche 944 with styled bodywork & wide wheel arches is a real poser!

In near original factory condition. 

It is a unique Porsche with an alloy 2.5-litre straight-4 engine. The Porsche 944 has better handling and stopping power than its predecessors (924); it is comfortable to drive - our 944 has an automatic gear box for easy driving/effortless touring. For its age, the 944 is a well specified car.

Rare Classic MGB GT Auto

A car with 50 years heritage, chrome bumpers and wire wheels - our rare black MGB GT Auto is a true Classic. 

An unmolested Historic Classic MGB GT. It retains much of the factory fitted accessories -  original black upholstery with cream piping: retro-classic radio/player with original speakers that provides ultimate motoring nostalgia (1960's recordings provided). However, your nostalgarama may be: just listening to the typically raucous MGB exhaust from the twin tail pipes.

Cherished Roadsters MGB GT is an excellent example of this historic iconic MGB Coupe.

MG Midget

Our little red MG Midget is an attractive responsive classic car with a wide power band.  

Cherished Roadsters '76 MG Midget is ideal for country lanes - it is a quite car. With the hood down you can hear the birds singing. The MG Midget is a classic but idiosyncratic small British sports car with around 20 years heritage. It has a 1493cc engine with twin SU carburettors; the engine purrs quietly and the car pulls away from 15mph in third no changing gear