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Outside the Bonnet - Blog

on Fri, 17/02/2017 - 20:56

Easy Car Care

Give your alloy wheels a face lift for next to nothing - remove those stubborn stains without the pain of scrubbing brush, hosepipe and cleaners that requires protective gloves.

Use industrial hand wipes - removes all those tar spots, to finish off wipe down with paper towel and shine up with spray wax.


An Autumn Ode for the MG Roadster or:

                          Do not lay the MG up for the winter! 


 Autumn in the South Downs
 Out in MG with hood down
 Leaves are in a flurry
 but we are not in a hurry
 Out in MG with hood down


Early February - Dinner Party in Weybridge

Returned home in heavy rain. The Porsche was very predictable: with its big wheels the 944 tramped thro standing water - Porsche have got it right including aerodynamics - the spray went over the car as it shrugged off the rain. Had a brilliant drive home - here it is next day having had a quick waterless clean/wax.



Wonderful: Autumn Sunshine- Hood down- off in a flurry of leaves: one of the pleasures of driving MG Roadsters: we only collected leaves in the cockpit when we stopped to photograph!  


Jayne Mansfield’s 1966 Classic Ferrari 275 roadster (said to be worth £2.5m) is not for hire
– our MGB is! .... Wow what a car and drives beautifully (customer feedback)





Photographs taken by PB Cherished Roadsters


Quiet Brakes - The Joy of Driving MGB GT returns!

During the annual winter overhaul we replaced brake callipers and pads on our classic MGB GT and....... squeaking Annie was born!  That annoying squeal of  MGB brakes when coming to a standstill!!! 

We trtied every trick to cure this annoying problem, yes we “fitted brake pad shims” ….. “Used brake pad paste” …. “Re-bedded the pads” and “resurface/polished the discs” (actually we fitted a new set of discs - on special offer from Moss). All to no avail! - Boy did she squeal - the poor pedestrians on crossing leaped for thier life!

Clive our periodic mechanic (who loves working on old cars) suggested changing the pads to ones of a different composition, possibly softer pads. We spoke Andrew Page Auto Factors (formally Camberley Auto Factors) our local trade suppliers, they supplied the original standard Mintex “squeaky pads”...... they offered to exchange the pads as faulty and supplied us with TRW pads. 

These pads are certainly good quality, came complete with integral anti-squeal shims. The pads were fitted by a Clive with the addition of copper brake paste and……. the incredible classic performer, performed! The guttural MGB Black Beauty was reborn: these pads really did perform - and quietly!

What made these pads so quite? - We contacted TRW the manufactures
- here is a summary of the Technical details.

The new pads are of DTEC formulation. DTEC is an advanced, low dust, ceramic formulation which has been developed by TRW for those customers who want cleaner wheels without compromising braking performance. TRW pads are also treated with Cotec. Cotec pads have optimum friction co-efficient right from the first stop – meaning that drivers have a better pedal feeling and can stop quicker during the "bedding down" of the pad when it is first fitted.

Additionally the TRW team places great emphasis on noise reduction and its brake pads are fitted with high quality shims to act as a damper between the friction material and the brake calliper. And, for the best possible performance, TRW now uses a fibre glass material instead of rubber for its shims; further more, for the best possible noise reduction, TRW pads have integrally moulded shims with a multi-layer construction.

So much for the technical stuff, just to say these pads are quite and we are delighted with the way these pads perform - and quietly! Once more Black Beauty is a joy to drive.  Well done Clive, Andrew Page and particularly TRW.

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For further information please Email [email protected]
or Telephone 01730 239833