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What to expect when driving classic cars


Cherished Roadsters Classic Cars


Our classic cars are easy to drive; however, stepping into one from a modern car will take a few miles to acclimatise.

Among the “virtues” of classic MG cars are their interesting and rudimentary build qualities. These qualities provides for unique ride and driving experience; with open top classic roadsters, there is often wind noise – its all part of the experience!

The main difference between classic cars and modern hatchbacks and saloons is in their driveability and direct response to driver inputs. Classic cars do not have onboard computers of modern vehicles to help the driver in sticky situations. Part of the fun of driving classic cars is being proactive, anticipating situations and taking control.

MG classic cars are easy to drive and we love to drive them ourselves… always remember they are still old classic cars!

Some of the common differences that may be experienced when hiring and driving classic cars for the first time include:

Rear wheel drive: Rear wheel drive cars tend to be much more communicative with the road and provide for a more stimulating drive than front wheel drive cars. Rear wheel drive cars can to be "tail-happy"  particularly when aggressively driven in adverse conditions... remember they are old classic cars! – look after them.   

Traction control: Classic cars do not have this feature – the fun of Classic cars is being pro-active anticipating situations and being in control.

Brakes: of our classic cars only the MG Midget does not have power assisted braking; ABS is only on the MGF.  When you switch from modern to a classic car please factor the cars braking characteristics into your braking distance and general comfort margin when driving; we have fitted advanced brake pads to the Midget which enhances braking efficiencies.

Acceleration: With classic cars, when you put your foot down, they’ll accelerate immediately, without the lag often associated with modern automatic and turbocharged diesel cars.

Ride: some of the “virtues” of classic cars is the suspension; it is simple and rudimentary; classic cars will rattle and be knocked about by potholes and road imperfections please try and aviod them.

Please take care – for your own safety as well as that of our cars. Driving classic cars is great fun; the real enjoyment is in the slower simpler pace of life for which they excel.

On collecting one of our cars it is important to familiarise yourself with the car and its controls to make sure that you are completely comfortable driving it before you leave.

We consider a short ‘driving lesson’ is considered obligatory; this generally involves a short ‘induction course’ in the cock-pit where all the controls are discussed and the drive characteristics the car offers. A short accompanied drive is available if required.

If classic roadsters’ are not for you, hire and drive our MGF or Rover cabriolet; the ideal choice for those who prefer a Cherished Roadster with more modern gizmos including power-steering, ABS, electric windows etc; the hood is simplicity in itself (electric on the Rover cabriolet)  and a delight to operate.

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